Best oncologist in India

Best Radiation Oncologist Doctor in Delhi NCR, Dr. Kundan Singh Chufal Profile

Coordinator Oncology, Head Radiation Oncology,Senior Consultant, Batra Cancer Centre, Batra Hospital And Medical Research Centre, New Delhi India

I want to seek growth and establishment in the field Oncology. At the threshold of my career, I look forward to realize my full potential….to realize my dreams in this field.

Oncology is ever expanding branch of medicine. The biggest challenge for radiation oncology in the current scenario is organ motion the good news is now we have a technology which enable us to counter it. This will help us to target tumors more precisely.


M. D. (Radiotherapy)
advance radiotherapy technique
Amsterdam, Berlin, Belgium.

Working Hours

  • Monday - Friday8.00 – 17.00
  • Saturday9.30 – 17.30
  • Sunday 9.30 – 15.00