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Endometrial Cancer Specialist in India, Endometrial Cancer Hospital in India.

Endometrial cancer develops in the lining of uterus. Uterus is a hollow organ present in the female body to which placenta attaches during pregnancy. The lining of uterus is constantly regenerating till the menopause is achieved. It is most common in postmenopausal women but can develop in premenopausal women also. Endometrial carcinoma is primarily a disease of menopausal and postmenopausal women with the peak incidence in women aged 55-65 years. Approximately 75% of patients are aged 50 years and older, and 5% are younger than 40 years. Endometrial carcinoma is rare in patients younger than age 30 years. Usually these cancer are detected in early stage and thus prognosis is good. Worldwide this is the most common malignancy in women while in India it occupies third place after cervix and breast.

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Symptoms Of Endometrial cancer

    • 1. Disorders of menstruation
      2. Increased Perimenopausal bleeding
      3. Menopause after than age 52 years.
      4. Long time period between menarche and menopause.
      5. Estrogen replacement therapy.
      6. Tamoxifen therapy for breast cancer.
      7. Endometrial hyperplasia.

      8. Obesity.
      9. Nulliparity.
      10. Diabetes mellitus.
      11. Hypertension.
      12. Family history of endometrial or breast cancer.
      13. Personal history of ovarian or breast cancer.
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  • Investigation

    • 1. Endometrial biopsy.
      2. Endometrial Curettage.
      3. Ultrasonography (TAS and TVS).
      4. Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography.
      5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
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